For those who suffer from allergies, finding long term relief can be an arduous journey. From injections, to acupuncture, there is no shortage of what usually pans out to be temporary solutions.

One of the best ways to permanently improve allergies is to completely remove allergens from the home with a central vacuum system. This is especially helpful for improving sleep.

Vacuuming with even the best mobile HEPA vacuums recirculates dust mite droppings, dander and pollen. These smaller particles can take over two hours to settle, and are small enough to pass through HEPA filters. Because central vacuum collection units are placed in the garage, and vented outside, all dirt, allergens and VOCs are completely removed from the home, greatly improving the indoor air quality, (plus cutting way back on the need to dust).

These benefits are not just theory.  A UC Davis study that showed a 44-61% improvement in a variety of allergy symptoms when using central vacuum systems instead of upright vacuums, as the control of exhaust from a central vacuum system means there are fewer airborne particles in the living space to trigger allergic reactions. This helps to explain why allergy patients who use central vacuum systems have fewer symptoms. The tests show there is an easy and reliable way for allergy sufferers to alleviate their symptoms by their choice of vacuum cleaning systems.

On top of that, Central Vacuums offer up to five times the power and longevity of even the best portable vacuums, and make your hardwoods last longer, as you don’t  drag a heavy vacuum around, only a lightweight hard surface brush.  New technologies like retractable Hide-a-Hose systems, and wireless control make central vacuum a smart investment to add to an existing home, or new construction.

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