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The Guy's Place, a hair salon for men in Charlotte features the Central Vacuum Experts Rapid Sweep System™. The salon offers a comfortable environment, TVs in each bay, peanuts and a shoulder massage – no other barbershop compares!

The Central Vacuum Experts Rapid Sweep System™ is highlighted by ten VacPan automatic dustpans (Shown in the image next to the broom in each space). The system allows for immediate area vacuuming thereby keeping the ambiance of the experience for their customers.

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Residential Retrofit


Central Vacuum Experts can install a central vacuum system in already completed occupied homes with virtually no mess or interruption. This convenience can be added to 90 year old homes or recently completed where the new owner wants to add the convenience of a whole house vacuum such as this recent project.

CVE recently installed a system in a beautifully constructed Energy Star ‘green’ home by Foxwood Builders in the Heritage neighborhood in Wake Forest.

We did a floor inlet valve, several strategically located wall valves (being shown here) and 2 inlet valves in the crawl space. 

New Construction


Central Vacuum Experts provides central vacuum installation options for clients of numerous builders.

Homes by Dickerson of Raleigh is one. To best serve their clients they have a complete design center.

Efficient airflow is critical. That comes only with expert installers who specialize in central vacuums. Click image for a closer look.


Manufacturing Facilities


Surgical Devices

Central Vacuum Experts completed a unique requirement for a surgical device manufacturer that made metal piping mandatory. Here we installed the metal piping and used the black, heat shrink tubing to connect all the fittings.

Egg Processing

CVE installs the Cyclovac WAVE wet / dry system.

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